Justin Bieber to perform at Takeoff’s funeral, at State Farm Arena, in Atlanta

Justin Bieber to perform at Takeoff’s funeral 

On Monday, it was confirmed that Takeoff’s funeral will officially be held in his hometown of Atlanta. This will take place on November 11, at State Farm Arena. This is one of the best new arenas in the US, as it’s home to the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks.

According to TMZ, there has been at least one major artist, booked to perform at Takeoff’s funeral. This is Justin Bieber, as he’s worked with Migos on multiple occasions. This includes on songs such as”What You See” and “Looking for You.” Quavo and Justin Bieber also appeared on DJ Khaled records such as “No Brainer” and “I’m The One.”

Nobody will be allowed to record this performance by Bieber, though. Tickets for Takeoff’s funeral will be available for Georgia residents, today, on Ticketmaster, at 2PM.

Takeoff lost his life a week ago today, as he lost his life at a shooting, in Houston. This was outside of a bowling alley, in the downtown area. Quavo got into an argument with a group of men, and two firearms went on to fire 10 shots. Takeoff was unfortunately hit in the middle of the crossfire.

Justin Bieber to perform at Takeoff’s funeral 

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