Kayla Nicole returns to the runway and trends, as Travis Kelce had Taylor Swift at the Chiefs’ game [VIDEO]

Kayla Nicole owns runway after Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift trend

Kayla Nicole caught a lot of backlash for dating Travis Kelce, as many predicted it wouldn’t end well. In the end, their relationship did end. Both Kayla and Travis have kept the details of their breakup private, as they should. However, outsiders continue trying to push a narrative that something bad did happen. As far as anything going on, Travis has since moved on with Taylor Swift. In addition, Taylor was at the Chiefs’ game, this past Sunday. On Monday, Kayla Nicole hit the runway, and she owned it.

Kayla Nicole has always been known for her captivating looks. In an era where most women are trying to be models of the video nature, she is a traditional runway model. As a result, Kayla Nicole is viewed differently from the most other models. Also, her dating Travis Kelce disappointed many people on social media, who had nothing to do with their relationship. In addition, many people have been happy since their split.

Kayla Nicole had to have seen herself trending on social media on Sunday. All of that was due to Travis Kelce having Taylor Swift at the Kansas City Chiefs’ Sunday game. However, that’s what couples are supposed to do. While Travis was working and had his girlfriend watching him, Kayla Nicole was also working. She went back to work, which meant she was back on the runway. Definitely, she still had the looks. As a result, the fans made her trend for her runway work.


Kayla Nicole owns runway after Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift trend

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