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Kendrick Lamar “king of New York” memes overtake Instagram [PHOTOS]

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Kendrick Lamar “king of New York” memes overtake Instagram [PHOTOS]

Kendrick Lamar 5By K.B. Tindal
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

With one line, Kendrick Lamar made the entire rap game angry. Social networking sites were set ablaze when Kendrick Lamar took his shots at the rap game. Along with the social networking, the memes were released. Already, Hip Hop Vibe has shown the Jay-Z and Nas meme, the inbox meme, and the Jay-Z and Diddy meme.

Claiming he was the King of New York, a lot of rappers have had choice words for the comments Kendrick Lamar made. In the case of Big Sean, he has all the promotion he could ask for for his Hall of Fame album. “Control” has changed the landscape of the game and is easily the most-impacting hip hop record out.

The memes have taken over the internet and Hip Hop Vibe has gathered a handful of them to share with the audience. These memes include some that have already circulated and some the others might have missed. In any event, these captions are hilarious.

See the Kendrick Lamar memes below:

Kendrick Lamar meme 1Kendrick Lamar meme 2Kendrick Lamar meme 3Kendrick Lamar meme 4Kendrick Lamar meme 5Kendrick Lamar meme 6Kendrick Lamar meme 7Kendrick Lamar meme 8Kendrick Lamar meme 9Kendrick Lamar meme 10Kendrick Lamar meme 11Kendrick Lamar meme 12Kendrick Lamar meme 13Kendrick Lamar meme 14Kendrick Lamar meme 15Kendrick Lamar meme 16

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