Looters destroy and rob Apple Store in Downtown Philadelphia, after judge dismissed charges against White police officer who fatally shot a young Black man [VIDEO]

Looters rob Philly Apple store after judge dismisses officer shooting

There is a lot of frustration in America, due to a lack of true equality. As a result, people often take to the streets in protest. However, after a decade of protesting, the same things happen. First of all, nothing resembling justice ever takes place. In addition, the wrong crowd takes advantage of the protesting. After that, protesting becomes violence and looting. Downtown Philadelphia’s Apple Store was looted, after what began as a protest over Mark Dial’s case being dismissed took place.

Mark Dial was a Philadelphia police officer, who fatally shot Eddie Irizarry. Dial’s reasoning for even confronting the 27-year-old was controversial at best. As a result, the city of Philadelphia was up in arms over the situation. The hope for many was that Dial would be convicted for the shooting death of Irizarry. Instead, when Dial had his day in court, he ended up being let off the hook. The judge dismissed the charges, angering many.

In protest, people took to the Philadelphia streets in the name of racial justice. However, protesting ended up giving way to looting. Instead of putting true pressure on the city, people ended up running into Center City and robbing stores. An Apple Store was hit very hard by this. In addition, looters went into Target, Lulumelon, and Foot Locker. Most of the looting seems to be being done by teenagers running through the city.

Source: Fox 29

Looters rob Philly Apple store after judge dismisses officer shooting

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