Man hides his face, as jumbotron catches him on date with his side chick [VIDEO]

Man hides face as jumbotron catches him on date with side chick

Typically, going to a major sporting event is a great idea for a date. Even if neither person is interested in sports, the event is enough entertainment. Many people attend games for the experience, anyway. Of course, there are also those dedicated fans. However, one man took his girl to a sports event for a date, and he got more than he bargained for. The jumbotron picked him up on the screen, sitting with this woman, and he buried his face.

The internet and social media have exposed one fact about people. Regardless of gender, most people have at least one side person. Even people in marriages tend to have at least one other person that they deal with. While this isn’t the case for every single person in a marriage, or a relationship, there is a large number of people who date out. Usually, these people get exposed on social media. One person was exposed on a jumbotron.

Yesterday, a video began taking over social media. The video depicts a man sitting beside a woman, presumably his girlfriend. Both the man and woman get picked up and placed on the jumbotron, for the whole arena to see. After that, the man covers his face, which made people laugh. Initially, the girlfriend was laughing, too. However, she realized he was hiding his face because of her. As a result, people on social media have said he was out with his side chick.


Man hides face as jumbotron catches him on date with side chick

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