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Memphis Bleek claims he’s nicer than Jay-Z and that’s why he doesn’t appear on music with him anymore [VIDEO]

Memphis Bleek says he’s a better rapper than Jay-Z

Memphis Bleek is one of the most loyal figures in hip hop, even though he’s hardly in the news. For the most part, Bleek chooses to stay out of the spotlight. However, he works within Roc Nation, where he’s an A&R. Doing this job, Bleek brought Casanova to the label. Aside from that, Bleek focuses on his ventures in the liquor industry. Recently, he was asked why he no longer appears on Jay-Z’s music. He simply said he’s nicer than Jay-Z.

Memphis Bleek was once characterized as the new and improved Jay-Z. When Jay was rising, he said that Bleek was the future. As a result, a lot of pressure was placed on him. However, Bleek never reached the levels that he was projected to. Later, Jay-Z said that Bleek was one hit away. Also, he added that he could forever be one hit away, and he would remain a millionaire as long as he lived. To that end, Bleek has focused on things outside of music.

Memphis Bleek recently appeared on “Drink Champs,” where he reminded the world of who he is. He has a few hits under his belt, but he has mostly moved on from music. In addition, Bleek puts in a lot of work in his business ventures. Among the work he has done includes working with Roc Nation, where he has signed Casanova to the label. When he was out, walking the streets, Bleek was asked why he never is on Jay-Z’s new music. He simply said he’s nicer than Hov, on the mic.

Source: Daily Loud

Memphis Bleek says he’s a better rapper than Jay-Z

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