Miami Dolphins own the internet after scoring 70 points in a game

Miami Dolphins score 70 points in win over Denver Broncos

Recently, the Miami Dolphins made the news and it, sadly, had nothing to do with football. However, on the field, the Dolphins have made the headlines about football. Today, they hosted the Denver Broncos, and they had the game of all games. For football fans, 70 points in a game is something only seen in video games. However, the Dolphins put up 70 over the Broncos, who only scored 20 points.

The Miami Dolphins have come into this season determined to defy expectations. Every team enters the season saying they’re going to win the Super Bowl. However, not every team is actually going to take the steps in that direction. Thus far, the only thing confirmed about the Super Bowl is Usher being booked as the headliner.

However, the Miami Dolphins sent a powerful message to the NFL today. The Dolphins, as a whole, made touchdowns look like they were easy. They went on the kind of scoring run that people would expect from an NBA game. As a result, the football fans are all over social media with commentary about how the Dolphins posted 70 points, as they defeated the Denver Broncos, tonight.

Miami Dolphins score 70 points in win over Denver Broncos

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