Saweetie shows how she prepares her McDonalds meal, while wearing extremely long nails [VIDEO]

Saweetie fixes McDonalds meal with extremely long nails

Saweetie has become one of the biggest artists in the game, over a six year span. Because of this, she is often a topic of discussion. During this time, she has delivered many hit singles. Arguably, “My Type” remains Saweetie’s biggest single. As a star, Saweetie has continued to rise. That said, McDonalds partnered with her for a custom meal. Recently, she was eating McDonalds, and showed how she eats her meal. However, the only thing people noticed were how long her fingernails were.

Saweetie is one of a large number of Bay Area artists dominating the game. The past decade has been kind to the Bay Area. With hip hop fully embracing the NBA, and vice versa, the Bay Area has come out it the biggest winners. The reason for this is due to the Golden State Warriors emerging as one of the best teams in NBA history. Since 2014, they have been on a historic run and they have tied in artists on their local hip hop scene.

Saweetie recently had people talking, which she always does. However, for once it wasn’t about who she is dating. Instead, it was about how she was eating. So much goes into that question, as Saweetie was eating at McDonalds. Of course, she has a deal with the fast food company, where she has her own custom meal. But that wasn’t the talk, she pours her fries onto her burger and eats it like that. However, her fingernails for so long that people had other questions.

Source: MyMixtapez

Saweetie fixes McDonalds meal with extremely long nails

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