Teenager takes his friend’s mom on a date to the restaurant where his friend works and the friend ends up serving them dinner [VIDEO]

Teen takes his friend’s mom on a date to his friend’s job

Because of the TikTok skits, many people write off every outrageous thing online as a skit. However, some of these things happening are actually real life. Whether or not this situation is real, it has definitely captivated an audience. This video depicts a teenager who ended up taking his friend’s mother on a date. The restaurant they went to is the friend’s job and the friend had to serve them.

If this is true, it is wild that this young man is actually dating his friend’s mother. However, it’s not too uncommon for younger men to date older women. In the case of the older women, most are bored with the men their own age. As a result, they’re single for a reason. Most go younger for an adventure. In addition, younger guys go older for the maturity. This situation, if real, may be a sense of familiarity.

Not only did this young man take his friend’s mother on a date, but also, he took her to the restaurant where her son works at. If that’s not bad enough, the young man proudly showed this whole situation off to his friend. Also, he was filming the whole time. The scenario, itself, plays out like one of those bad skits on social media. However, the look on the friend’s face makes it seem like it might be real.


Teen takes his friend’s mom on a date to his friend’s job

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