Jmusick Etheridge exposes Cowboys and Angels bar, in Mobile, Alabama, on Facebook, showing the bar’s new owner wearing blackface, fake gold teeth, and an afro, after many local rap artists performed at the venue [PHOTOS]

Jmusick Etheridge is, apparently, a local rap artist, in Mobile, Alabama. According to his Facebook post, Etheridge is a frequent performer at the Cowboys and Angels bar, where a lot of local rappers perform. However, Jmusick Etheridge is calling for a boycott of the club, sharing to Facebook the photos of the owner of the venue in blackface, wearing a fake afro, and having fake gold teeth.

By Bossyy Staff Writer Many local rappers have created coalitions, of sorts, in their hometowns. Alongside other local rappers, many artists do showcases at local clubs. This is a great way to get exposure and to be among peers. Jmusick Etheridge is apparently a local Mobile, Alabama rapper. Like other areas, Mobile has a […]