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Ace Hood – “At War” [VIDEO]


Ace Hood – “At War” [VIDEO]

Ace Hood takes on everything in his At War music video

Ace Hood is living proof that there is more than meets the eye. When Ace Hood began his career, he wasn’t known as a lyricist. Given Ace Hood’s affiliations, he seemed more like a pet project than an actual artist. However, Ace Hood went through more than the typical artist would. In 2008 and 2009, Ace Hood released his first two albums, and had minor hits. By 2010, Ace Hood was almost out of the game and broke.

Ace Hood seemingly disappeared and he was forgotten by the game. However, Ace Hood returned early in 2011 with his single, “Hustle Hard.” The success of “Hustle Hard” brought Ace Hood back, and then he landed Rick Ross and Lil Wayne for the remix. Before the end of 2011, Ace Hood did an interview with Forbes, where he detailed his financial journey. Two years later, Ace Hood delivered the biggest hit of his career, “Bugatti.”

After “Bugatti,” Ace Hood saw his career stagnate. Ace Hood went through this, while the members of his team were blowing up. Soon, Ace Hood declared his own independence. While Ace Hood is now working on his own, he is successful. Last year, Ace Hood starred on “Love & Hip Hop Miami,” and he has a lifestyle brand with his girlfriend. Ace Hood is currently working on his M.I.N.D. (Memories Inside Never Die) EP. The single, “At War,” is Ace Hood’s introduction to the project.

Ace Hood takes on everything in his At War music video

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