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BfB Da Packman – “Can’t Blame Ye” [VIDEO]


BfB Da Packman – “Can’t Blame Ye” [VIDEO]

BfB Da Packman defends Kanye West in Can’t Blame Ye video

One of the most popular rising artists in the game is BfB Da Packman. He has been working and doing a lot with his music. BfB Da Packman has been going viral with his music videos for some time. Aside from his music, BfB Da Packman is watching things play out, like everyone else. The biggest story of the year of 2022 has been Kanye West.

Aside from his company, Yeezy, continuing to generate billions, Kanye West’s romantic life has been all over the news. When D.L. Hughley spoke on the situation, Kanye West threatened him. The ongoing feud between Kanye West and DL Hughley has made major headlines. Recently, an associate of Kanye West confronted Hughley over the whole Kanye beef.

As BfB Da Packman was watching, he formed his opinion on the situation. BfB Da Packman decided to incorporate the news into his latest music release. The whole Kanye West situation has had people talking. But BfB Da Packman has talked about it so much that he made it into a song. Returning with his single, “Can’t Blame Ye,” BfB Da Packman gives his take, putting himself in Kanye West’s position.

BfB Da Packman defends Kanye West in Can’t Blame Ye video

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