Dennis Smith, Jr. steals the ball from LeBron James and LeBron falls | Lakers at Trail Blazers [VIDEO]

Dennis Smith Jr steals the ball from LeBron James and LeBron falls

Last night, the Lakers took yet another disappointing loss. What was such a letdown wasn’t just that it was a loss to the Trail Blazers, it’s that Portland traded their entire core. This week, the Blazers traded CJ McCollum, while Damian Lillard is out for the season. When the Lakers went to Portland, they were at full strength, and they still lost. There is a lot of wear and tear that LeBron James is going through, as he’s trying to keep the Lakers contending.

LeBron James is playing in his nineteenth season in the NBA. The Lakers have had numerous struggles throughout this season. Injuries to Anthony Davis have slowed the Lakers down and injuries to LeBron James have taken their toll. Russell Westbrook was supposed to be the insurance against things going wrong, like this. Instead, Russell Westbrook has become a major liability for the team. Westbrook’s name has instead come up in trade talks, but his value is down.

Dennis Smith, Jr. ended up being the leader of the Trail Blazers, last night. The Lakers wound up taking a tough 107-105 loss, on the road. This loss was highlighted by LeBron James getting dominated, ending with Smith stripping LeBron of the ball, and LBJ falling.

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