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DJ Khaled and Kanye West dance in the studio [VIDEO]

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DJ Khaled and Kanye West dance in the studio [VIDEO]

DJ Khaled and Kanye West dance in the studioDJ Khaled and Kanye West dance in the studio

In many ways, DJ Khaled and Kanye West’s careers have run parallel with each other. Both rose to fame, in the mid-2000s, but were around longer than most realize. Re-watching older music videos show that Khaled and Kanye were making cameos decades ago.

During the 2010s, DJ Khaled and Kanye West took major steps in the right direction to build their own empires. Both surpassed the people who introduced them. Khaled, through his posse cut singles took We The Best from a movement and turned it into a partnership with Epic Records and Roc Nation.

Kanye West will forever be the little brother, to Jay-Z’s big brother, but Yeezy is a much more profitable company than Roc Nation. Stepping out of that shadow led to Kanye surpassing Jay as the wealthiest rapper of all-time. According to Kanye West’s “Drink Champs” interview, he’s worth $9 billion, while Forbes and Bloomberg fought over whether or not he’s worth $1.8 billion, or $6.6 billion. Safe to say, he’s a long way from his “All Falls Down” era of college debt.

DJ Khaled is back in the studio, working on his latest album. Already, Khaled showed the creases in his sneakers, something he hates, which means he was dancing. Later, he shared a video of himself and Kanye dancing in the studio. It looks like there’s some dope music on the way.

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