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Doodie Lo and Icewear Vezzo – “Melrose” [VIDEO]


Doodie Lo and Icewear Vezzo – “Melrose” [VIDEO]

Doodie Lo and Icewear Vezzo go from the Midwest to Melrose in new video

When it comes to the Chicago rappers, Lil Durk proved to be the smartest of them. While the others were happy being signed, Lil Durk kept putting music out. Despite losing his deal, Lil Durk learned the business. Learning the business led to Lil Durk starting his own, really taking OTF seriously. Yes, Lil Durk still makes music, but he put his guys in position. As Lil Durk is one of the biggest rappers in the game, he’s used his position to help Doodie Lo.

On the other hand, Icewear Vezzo is one of the hardest working rappers out. A native of Detroit, Icewear Vezzo made history as the first rapper from the D to sign with Motown Records. Icewear Vezzo has overcome all kinds of adversity to be a force in the game. Had most gone through what Icewear Vezzo has made look easy, they wouldn’t be in the music industry. Icewear Vezzo, meanwhile, has become known as “your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper.”

Doodie Lo has also built a lot of goodwill within the music industry. Most people consider Doodie Lo a dope emcee, outside of his connections. When he came with his newest single, Doodie Lo went outside of his local connections. Chicago met Detroit, as Doodie Lo recruited Icewear Vezzo for his new single. The two came together for “Melrose,” for which Doodie Lo dropped the music video for, this past Friday.

Doodie Lo and Icewear Vezzo go from the Midwest to Melrose in new video

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