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Ed Dolo – “Dem H*es” [VIDEO]


Ed Dolo – “Dem H*es” [VIDEO]

Ed Dolo signs to QC and drops Dem H-es video

Ed Dolo is among the latest signees to the QC label. Over the past decade, Quality Control Music has given birth to all kinds of stars. Now that he is signed, Ed Dolo is hoping that he will be the next one to blow up from the label. A native of Arkansas, Ed Dolo is a member of Dolo Gang, outside of his label affiliations.

Ed Dolo is hot right now, but he is out to prove he is more than a flash in the pan. Already, Ed Dolo has bragging rights on going viral. What Ed Dolo has not yet had is the opportunity to go platinum, or even gold. While Ed Dolo is working, he is making sure those things begin to happen. After Ed Dolo signed with Quality Control, he dropped Stuck In The Trap.

Ed Dolo made a lot of noise with his debut project, Stuck In The Trap. With Ed Dolo having the project out, he has the new single. While Ed Dolo has already had success, he is now trying “Dem H*es” as the new single. As he returned with the single, “Dem H*es,” Ed Dolo delivered the official music video for the track.

Ed Dolo signs to QC and drops Dem H-es video

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