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G Perico – “Switches” [VIDEO]


G Perico – “Switches” [VIDEO]

G Perico drops his Switches single off Tango EP

In 2012-2013, there was a resurgence in West Coast hip hop. This new era wasn’t quite the same as the G funk gangsta rap that put Los Angeles on the map. However, this didn’t mean that there weren’t G funk rappers out there. Once the spotlight came back to Los Angeles, many rappers rose to prominence, with G Perico being among them.

G Perico has become a force in the game and the people love him. In 2017, G Perico began going viral, and he soon rose to fame. For the hip hop listeners who love the G funk era, G Perico has made sure that it lives on. Meanwhile, G Perico has definitely offered an alternative to all of the new forms of hip hop music that is available, out here.

Recently, G Perico dropped his newest EPTango, to much fanfare. With the new project out, G Perico has new singles out. The latest single from G Perico came in the form of “Switches,” a song that beings back that old school era. G Perico has another ode to the gangsta lifestyle and the “Switches” music video also heavily embodies this.

G Perico drops his Switches single off Tango EP

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