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Hitkidd and Glorilla – “FNF (Let’s Go)” [VIDEO]


Hitkidd and Glorilla – “FNF (Let’s Go)” [VIDEO]

Hitkidd and Glorilla reach 2 million views with FNF (Let’s Go)

Hitkidd and Glorilla are the two hottest rising names in hip hop. Glorilla and Hitkidd really caught lightning in a bottle. The two came together for their new single, “FNF (Let’s Go).” This song is what they are calling the summer anthem. Hitkidd and Glorilla have joined forces and created the new viral wave. No one can deny the impact they are having, right now.

Glorilla is yet another female rapper that is enjoying success in the game. The run Glorilla is on led to her having the chance to meet Saweetie. After Glorilla met Saweetie, she wasted no time getting her for the “FNF (Let’s Go)” remix. Not only did Glorilla get Saweetie on the track, she got Saweetie to do the music video. Over the weekend, Glorilla and Saweetie were partying in Hollywood.

Hitkidd was also on the scene for the “FNF” remix video. For Hitkidd, all of this is a dream come true. He is a young producer from Memphis that is making noise. In a matter of a week, Hitkidd went from being unknown to being the star of a viral hit. Now, Hitkidd is only days away from having a major video out with Saweetie.

Hitkidd and Glorilla reach 2 million views with FNF (Let’s Go)

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