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Icewear Vezzo – “On My Own” [VIDEO]

Icewear Vezzo ends Rich Off Pints series with On My Own video

Icewear Vezzo is a role model that people should aspire to be like. The truth is that life is an assortment. In order to enjoy the good, people must learn to deal with the bad. On top of all of that, people have dreams they aspire to turn into reality. When dreams are sold, the sellers neglect to inform that nightmares come included. From there, it’s up to the people to decide whether it is worth it. Right when it looked like Icewear Vezzo’s dream was accomplished, he was met with a nightmare.

Icewear Vezzo took his lumps and he never complained. After that, Icewear Vezzo just came with consistent music. In his native, Detroit, Icewear Vezzo built a buzz that only continued to grow. As a result, Icewear Vezzo was signed to Motown Records. At the time of his signing, Icewear Vezzo was the first rapper signed to Motown. In addition, Icewear Vezzo also launched his own label, Iced Up Records, where he has helped artists reach their goals.

Icewear Vezzo has risen to fame and become a fan favorite. What propelled Icewear Vezzo to the heights of the rap game is his Rich Off Pints series. With his current run, Icewear Vezzo has released Rich Off Pints 3. This is going to be the final installment of Icewear Vezzo’s Rich Off Pints series. He has kicked off his new project with the “Own My Own” single. In addition, Icewear Vezzo has dropped the companion music video.

Icewear Vezzo ends Rich Off Pints series with On My Own video

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