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J.I. – “Riot” [VIDEO]


J.I. – “Riot” [VIDEO]

JI returns with the music video for his single Riot

J.I. got signed in 2019 and he immediately took over the New York streets. With New York being the birthplace of hip hop, there is always interest in the next big thing. Three years ago, J.I. looked like he had that on lock. Through these three years, J.I. has come with a few anthems. On each of his songs, J.I. brings a lot of energy.

J.I. was only sixteen years old when he got signed. Representing Brooklyn, J.I. comes from a borough that has produced tons of legends. Not only has Brooklyn produced legends, some of the biggest moguls also hail from the city. As far as emceeing, J.I. has that on lock, as the rapping counterpart to the borough’s own NBA franchise, Brooklyn Nets. Even if the rest come short, J.I. comes through.

J.I. is Brooklyn, it’s as simple as that, and it is evident every time he drops. This afternoon, J.I. released the official visual for his single, “Riot,” which also dropped. Without a doubt, J.I. also has his next project that will soon be released. Soon, J.I. will release his project, Young & Restless Vol. 1: Baby Don. With that in mind, the project drops on June 24.

JI returns with the music video for his single Riot

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