Jim Jones | Supa Cindy | Freestyle (Studio Session) [VIDEO]

Jim Jones delivers epic freestyle for Supa Cindy

In the hip hop world, Jim Jones isn’t credited for all the work that he’s put in. For one, it’s only recently been acknowledged that Jimmy has been rapping as long as Cam’ron. Actually, Jim appears on Cam’s first two albums. Years later, he was credited somewhat for being the business end of Dipset. But, in 2004, Jim Jones began releasing solo albums, having a major breakthrough with “We Fly High.”

Despite being signed to Koch Records, Jim Jones held an executive role over at Sony. This led to the end of his artist deal at the major independent distributor. Eventually, Dipset would come to an end, and Jones would launch his own Vampire Life brand. The company does a little bit of everything, but it houses all of his music endeavors.

Quietly, over the past few years, Jim Jones has upped his lyricism. Now, Jones is touted as one of the top lyricists in the game. Recently, he returned to Miami, where he linked up with 99 Jamz’s Supa Cindy, and he dropped a pretty dope freestyle. Jones is definitely continuing to show the world he belongs in the top lyricists’ conversation.

Jim Jones delivers epic freestyle for Supa Cindy


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