Kenya talks to Sanya about Marlo (FULL VIDEO) #RHOA [VIDEO]

Kenya Moore speaks to Sanya Richards-Ross about Marlo feud

Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton have known each other for nine years. During Kenya’s second season on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” she and NeNe Leakes began feuding. As a result, Kenya went out and befriended Marlo Hampton. Two seasons prior, NeNe introduced Marlo as her friend to the show. While NeNe and Marlo were originally close, they had a falling out. When Kenya reintroduced Marlo, she and NeNe were not on speaking terms. However, NeNe and Marlo would make amends, which impacted Marlo’s friendship with Kenya.

Kenya Moore, meanwhile, would bond with Cynthia Bailey. The two went from having a tense relationship to slowly becoming good friends. By 2016, Kenya and Cynthia were the closest friends on the show. However, when NeNe Leakes reappeared, Cynthia downplayed her friendship with Kenya. In spite of a four year friendship with Kenya, Cynthia said she was still getting to know her. As a result, Kenya called Cynthia out. Eventually, Kenya and Cynthia got their friendship back on track. While Kenya and Cynthia bonded, Marlo returned, now having issues with Kenya.

Kenya Moore sat quietly while Marlo Hampton berated her. Marlo went in on Kenya, during a girls’ trip, making fun of Kenya’s mother abandoning her as a child. Fast forward to this season, Marlo has asked Kenya for another chance with their friendship. While Kenya has agreed to forgive, she is proceeding with caution. The two have still been trading insults. When Marlo had her trip, Kenya was not going to go, but came late. On tonight’s episode, Sanya Richards-Ross is asking Kenya to accept Marlo’s gift. When Sanya began to defend Marlo, Kenya gave her their history.

Kenya Moore speaks to Sanya Richards-Ross about Marlo feud

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