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Kid Capri ft. Vina Love – “Uptown” [VIDEO]


Kid Capri ft. Vina Love – “Uptown” [VIDEO]

Kid Capri recruits his daughter Vina Love for Uptown video

When it comes to the people who helped hip hop become known, internationally, Kid Capri should be mentioned. At the height of his career, Kid Capri was on the iconic Cold Chillin’ Records. Kid Capri had a hand in the likes of Jay-Z, KRS-One, Nas, Foxy Brown, Big Pun, The Notorious B.I.G., and others rising to fame. Actually, Biggie gave Kid Capri a shout out on his debut single, “Juicy,” in 1994.

Kid Capri put hip hop on the map and was key in the starts of some billion dollar careers. Behind the scenes, Kid Capri was actually raising a little girl. His daughter, Vina Love began her rise to fame in 2019 on “Growing Up Hip Hop,” where she became a fan favorite. Vina Love had hopes of following in her father’s footsteps and becoming a star in hip hop.

Currently, Kid Capri is promoting his upcoming album, The Love, which drops on February 7. Kid Capri has literally watched his daughter become a star. Via “Growing Up Hip Hop,” Kid Capri has seen Vina Love rise to fame right in front of his eyes. Vina Love joins Kid Capri on “Uptown,” his new single.

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