LeBron James got hit in the head and sat on a courtside fan | Lakers at Trail Blazers [VIDEO]

LeBron James got hit in the head and sat on a courtside fan

Coming into this season, predictions had the Los Angeles Lakers and Portland Trail Blazers in the playoff picture. Instead, the Lakers and the Blazers are in the play-in range. Earlier this week, the Blazers traded CJ McCollum, and Damian Lillard is deactivated for the season. From the looks of things, the Blazers are going to tank this season. If this is the case, the Lakers’ situation is that much more sad, as LeBron James is putting up some of the best numbers of his career.

LeBron James is the most unique player in the history of the NBA. Playing in his nineteenth year of his career, LeBron James is one of the NBA’s leading scorers and top five players. James is the only player in the NBA to spend the entirety of his career as a top five player. Conditioning is something LeBron James has always taken seriously and it shows. However, LeBron James is also 37 years old and he is beginning to show signs of aging.

Last night, the Los Angeles Lakers took another disappointing loss. The Portland Trail Blazers are seemingly tanking, but they managed a close win over the Lakers. During the Lakers’ loss, LeBron James took a nasty hit to the head and he ended up having to fall down. LeBron James wound up briefly sitting on a courtside fan, before getting back into the game.

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