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Lil Durk – “Computer Murderers” [VIDEO]


Lil Durk – “Computer Murderers” [VIDEO]

Lil Durk takes aim at internet trolls in Computer Murderers video

Consistency is the difference maker in anything anyone wants to do. Ten years ago, during this time of year, several young Chicago rappers began blowing up. Lil Durk was one of those rappers and few people thought he’d be relevant a decade later. Not only is Lil Durk relevant, he is one of the most successful rappers in 2022. As the head of OTF, Lil Durk has all of the kids looking up to him, and wanting to be a part of his label.

Lil Durk became a force in the game by simply continuing to show up. Like all of his peers, Lil Durk fell victim to the industry politics. When the industry wasn’t working out for him, Lil Durk began putting out his own mixtapes, which is how he started. Like many before him, Lil Durk worked on the mixtape scene, got himself hot, and then took over the game. The downs in the industry ended up helping Lil Durk become an executive, in addition to being a successful rapper.

Being successful, especially in the rap industry, comes with a lot of backlash. Online, Lil Durk finds himself targeted by internet trolls all of the time. These people love to make rude comments on social media, feeling there are no consequences. Lil Durk has shown that he is seeing the comments and is well aware of what they are saying about him. Delivering the video for his single, “Computer Murderers,” Durk gets his revenge on the trolls.

Lil Durk takes aim at internet trolls in Computer Murderers video

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