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NBA Youngboy – “Feel Good” [VIDEO]


NBA Youngboy – “Feel Good” [VIDEO]

NBA Youngboy delivers the Feel Good in his latest video

NBA Youngboy is one of the hardest working rappers in the game. Still, there are some who do not understand why NBA Youngboy is where he is. Nearly ten years ago, NBA Youngboy began experiencing viral success on the internet. When NBA Youngboy began going viral, the major record labels started paying attention to him. As a result, NBA Youngboy became a signed artist. In addition, many other artists from Baton Rouge were signed by majors.

NBA Youngboy proved to be more than just an artist. During the time NBA Youngboy rose to fame, the era of hip hop moguls and rapper/moguls appeared over. However, NBA Youngboy is a part of the movement that is bringing those back. In addition to his own deal, NBA Youngboy secured a partnership with Motown Records for his Never Broke Again crew. Now, NBA Youngboy officially has his own label, and he is fighting for his release from his current label.

NBA Youngboy has plans of releasing The Last Slimento on August 5. The album is officially NBA Youngboy’s fourth studio album. However, NBA Youngboy frequently keeps new music, and various projects out. So, The Last Slimento is NBA Youngboy’s second project released in 2022, following his Colors mixtape. Over the weekend, NBA Youngboy released “Feel Good” as his latest single. In addition, NBA Youngboy came with the official music video.

NBA Youngboy delivers the Feel Good in his latest video

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