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NBA Youngboy – “Holy” [VIDEO]


NBA Youngboy – “Holy” [VIDEO]

NBA Youngboy reflects on love and family in Holy video

Life is hard, but that’s no reason to give up. NBA Youngboy had all of the odds stacked against him. Even with that being the case, NBA Youngboy has a partnership with Motown Records. In 2015, NBA Youngboy began releasing music on the internet. On YouTube, NBA Youngboy began going viral. He is now the most viewed rapper in the history of YouTube. NBA Youngboy is living proof that it pays to not give up.

A native of Baton Rouge, NBA Youngboy was the leader of a new wave. After building his momentum, NBA Youngboy signed with Atlantic Records. Often, NBA Youngboy speaks out about this deal. NBA Youngboy said on social media that he wishes he never signed the deal. But, with his popularity, NBA Youngboy helped put his people on. Naming his collective Never Broke Again, which is a play on his stage name, Youngboy made the deal with Motown.

Early this year, NBA Youngboy dropped his mixtape, Colors, which was a huge success. Since then, NBA Youngboy has returned to dropping new music on a near daily basis. Yesterday, NBA Youngboy released the music video for his single, “Holy.” In the video, he has one of his children, and the child’s mother, featured. The “Holy” video comes only days after NBA Youngboy released his video for “I Got The Bag,” which dominated.

NBA Youngboy reflects on love and family in Holy video

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