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NBA Youngboy – “I Got The Bag” [VIDEO]


NBA Youngboy – “I Got The Bag” [VIDEO]

NBA Youngboy tops 3 million views in one day with I Got The Bag video

Currently, NBA Youngboy is in the middle of controversy with Lil Durk. Their beef is more than just music, as King Von was murdered and there are rumors surrounding that. Members of Lil Durk’s team have accused NBA Youngboy of disrespecting King Von. Whatever the case, NBA Youngboy hasn’t backed down from Lil Durk, or his team. Early in 2022, the NBA Youngboy / Lil Durk beef has been one of the leading stories in hip hop news.

NBA Youngboy went at Lil Durk and his camp, on “Bring The Hook,” which went viral. Last year, Lil Durk was the most streamed rapper in the game, outside of Drake. On YouTube, NBA Youngboy is the most popular rapper of all-time. This year, NBA Youngboy has continued proving this with the new music that he has dropped. Representing Baton Rouge, NBA Youngboy is putting in tons of work, and he has returned with new music.

Yesterday, NBA Youngboy released his newest single to the world. He dropped his single, “I Got The Bag,” and dropped the music video alongside it. NBA Youngboy has advanced past the point where he has to build a buzz. Nowadays, NBA Youngboy is the buzz and whatever move he makes he has millions of fans moving alongside him.

NBA Youngboy tops 3 million views in one day with I Got The Bag video

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