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NLE Choppa – “Set Up Story Pt. 1” [VIDEO]


NLE Choppa – “Set Up Story Pt. 1” [VIDEO]

NLE Choppa has a house party gone wrong in Set Up Story Pt 1 video

NLE Choppa is one of the biggest young rappers in the game. While NLE Choppa is a new school artist, he has old school backing. Eventually, NLE Choppa went the traditional route to put his music out. When NLE Choppa first got in the game, he was partnered with Steve Stoute. Initially, NLE Choppa was independent, but he formed a partnership with Warner Records.

NLE Choppa always had a lot of promise, but he is now living up to it. When it comes to the top ten most popular rappers in the game, NLE Choppa is in that conversation. By NLE Choppa releasing a project early in 2022, he is gunning for that top spot. Sensing that, NLE Choppa had some of his counterparts also releasing music early in the year.

NLE Choppa also represents Memphis, but many people do not realize this. Despite NLE Choppa being arguably more popular than the Memphis rappers running it, his being from there is overlooked. Still, the success NLE Choppa is having is good for the city. Recently, NLE Choppa returned with the release of his single, “Set Up Story Pt. 1,” and has also offered the official music video.

NLE Choppa has a house party gone wrong in Set Up Story Pt 1 video

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