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NLE Choppa – “Shotta Flow 6 (Finale)” [VIDEO]


NLE Choppa – “Shotta Flow 6 (Finale)” [VIDEO]

NLE Choppa delivers Shotta Flow 6 music video

On New Music Friday, NLE Choppa came up big. With his mixtapeMe vs. Me, NLE Choppa came up big with his project title, alone. There are a lot of rappers in the game, right now, that are fighting for position. But NLE Choppa says there is no competition between them. Instead, NLE Choppa says his competition is only himself. Definitely, NLE Choppa has the potential to be the hottest rapper in the game.

NLE Choppa is beginning to live up to this potential. Representing Memphis, NLE Choppa is trying to keep new music out, consistently. Each year, NLE Choppa has seen his buzz grow, just a little bit. Now, he is trying to make the big jump that many rappers before him have made. On Friday, NLE Choppa dropped his newest mixtape. Alongside the mixtape, NLE Choppa returned with the video for his newest single. Choppa’s Me vs. Me mixtape is actually the first project he’s released since 2020, when he dropped From Dark To Light.

Along with the mixtape, NLE Choppa dropped the “Shotta Flow 6” single. NLE Choppa has a decent series going on with his “Shotta Flow” songs. Choppa is up to the sixth edition of “Shotta Flow,” which shows his dedication. But, with the “Shotta Flow 6” video, NLE Choppa made it clear this is the final edition of the series.

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