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NLE Choppa – “Stompin” [VIDEO]


NLE Choppa – “Stompin” [VIDEO]

NLE Choppa delivers the cinematic music Stompin video

The city of Memphis has constantly produced rap stars, over the past decade. In 2017, NLE Choppa began his rise to the top. Using UnitedMasters, NLE Choppa caught the attention of Steve Stoute. With his style of music representing the current era, NLE Choppa had an executive from the old school representing him. Initially, NLE Choppa was a 100% independent artist. Since, he has become a major label artist.

NLE Choppa is definitely a major label artist and now he’s in a position to become the biggest star in the game. There are some who don’t want to give guys like NLE Choppa their props. The truth is that NLE Choppa, and rappers like him, are pushing the culture forward. Hip hop is a universal language and it’s a genre big enough to have genres within it. With what NLE Choppa is doing, he is introducing a different kind of hip hop.

Already, NLE Choppa put the game on notice, dropping his mixtape, Me vs. Me, with the title being a huge declaration. Another declaration is NLE Choppa releasing the project at the beginning of the year. There are only a handful of artists who drop projects at the start of the year. Now, NLE Choppa has returned with the “Stompin” music video, where he played a lot of scenarios out.

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