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NLE Choppa – “Yak Flow” [VIDEO]


NLE Choppa – “Yak Flow” [VIDEO]

NLE Choppa drops Yak Flow video while gaining millions of views

The Memphis hip hop scene has exploded over the past decade. NLE Choppa broke the trend of older Memphis artists blowing up. Prior to Choppa, the Memphis artists who blew up were actually veterans in the game. When NLE Choppa came along, he was one of the youngest rappers in the game, and he had his business straight. As NLE Choppa entered the game, he came in with Steve Stoute as his mentor.

NLE Choppa came into the game with one of the most influential businessmen. Initially, NLE Choppa was releasing his music online as an independent artist. Despite this, NLE Choppa managed to rise and take over the game. Obviously, NLE Choppa caught the attention of the major labels, but he already had a major team around him. Ultimately, NLE Choppa entered a partnership with Warner Records.

Being one of the hottest artists in the game has had NLE Choppa consistently coming with new music. In January of this year, NLE Choppa dropped Me vs. Me, his newest project. NLE Choppa delivered a mixtape to the people, but it was album quality. With the spring here, NLE Choppa dropped his single, “Yak Flow,” as a standalone single. Choppa also has the music video for “Yak Flow” out.

NLE Choppa drops Yak Flow video while gaining millions of views

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