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Power Book II: Ghost | Ep. 10 Preview | Season 2 [VIDEO]


Power Book II: Ghost | Ep. 10 Preview | Season 2 [VIDEO]

Power Book II Ghost Season 2 Episode 10 Finale Preview

Last week, “Power Book II: Ghost” ended with Lauren (Paige Hurd) being taken by Effie (Alix Lapri). A lot of people are wondering if Effie killed Lauren. The look on Effie’s face, at the end of the episode, opens it to interpretation. After fans pushed for Tariq (Michael Rainey, Jr.) to get with Effie, they were upset when she told Cane (Woody McClain) about Lauren wearing the wire. Courtney Kemp offered perspective for this, saying Effie was loyal to the situation at hand.

Tariq has learned some hard lessons about life, as his decisions have caught up with him. In the end, Ghost (Omari Hardwick) only wanted what was best for his son. While Tariq wanted to be in the streets, Ghost knew the ending was not going to be pretty. Stuck in the life, without his father, Tariq is living all of this the hard way. While Ghost gloated, from beyond the grave, about Tariq being in prison, he found a way out. He got Rashad Tate (Larenz Tate) to testify on his behalf and Tariq got Mecca (Daniel Sunjata) to give him $2 million.

The stakes were high, in Season 2, Episode 8. Last week’s “Power Book II: Ghost” episode saw things calm down, a bit. Mecca was exposed for being an informant, as Tariq got the info from Davis (Method Man) on him. Now, Tariq has to deal with Brayden (Gianni Paolo) taking the stand, this week.

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