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Ray J found Whitney Houston dead

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Ray J found Whitney Houston dead

By The Hip Hop Writer
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Early in his career, Ray J was known as “Brandy’s little brother.” The Norwood family business was built on the success of Brandy, but Ray J has been the star in recent years. Throughout his career, Ray J has tried to break out of the shadow of his older sister. Ray J successfully did this through making good music and building a reputation as a womanizer and a partyboy.

Among Ray J’s most-known love interests have been Kim Kardashian and the late Whitney Houston. This past week, it was revealed Ray J had just gotten back with Whitney Houston. The two were spending time together over the weekend. Obviously, things have not gone as planned for Ray J and his current lover, as it has been revealed Whitney Houston died today.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of this for Ray J has been being the person to discover Houston dead. The initial reports said Ray J found Whitney Houston dead, though later reports denied this. However, as more media outlets have reported the story, more are saying Ray J found his girlfriend dead. For Ray J, who has built such an image, this is likely to have a profound impact on him.

Ray J has been involved with Whitney Houston, on and off, since 2008.

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