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Drake – “Sticky” [VIDEO]


Drake – “Sticky” [VIDEO]

Drake drops video for Sticky his summer anthem

Drake never was one to play by the rules. If Drake played by the rules, he never would have even began rapping, let alone becoming such a big deal. In actuality, Drake was in a good position, on the outside looking in. Having a regular series role on “Degrassi” is a position that many people looking to get into the game would love to have. With Drake, that simply was not enough, however.

Drake came into the game, after making the decision to leave “Degrassi.” At the time, there was no guarantee that Drake would be a success in the music industry. So, Drake deciding to leave the show could have left him with nothing. Instead, Drake leaned into himself, tapping into his own confidence, and began an unlikely run. After some mixtape hits, Drake broke through with his first radio hit, in 2009.

Drake has released a new project every year since 2009, with the exceptions of 2012 and 2014. Those years, Drake’s feature game was so strong that he still dominated radio. This year, Drake continued his unprecedented run, with his newest album, Honestly, Nevermind. The lead single was “Sticky,” a record where he was rapping on. This afternoon, Drake dropped the official video.

Drake drops video for Sticky his summer anthem

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